Press reactions

“A significant piece of entertainment, which tackles a bitter episode of German history
with anglo-saxon cheeriness, free from maudlin sentimentality.”
Sueddeutsche Zeitung

“A heartening film about the incompleteness of life.”

“Moving and thoroughly funny in equal measure.”
Aachener Zeitung

“Open, good-humoured and funny… in fascinating conversations they provide insights into their lives, sometimes thoughtfully, sometimes amusingly.”

“The humour with which they deal with their situation: very self-ironic, very dark.”
Koelner Stadtanzeiger

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Press Review

16.9.2008 Süddeutsche Zeitung dowload pdf
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9.9.2008 Neues Deutschland dowload pdf
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1.9.2008 Kölner Stadtanzeiger dowload pdf
1.9.2008 Bild dowload pdf
30.8.2008 Süddeutsche Zeitung dowload pdf
Sommer 08 Outrun dowload pdf
2008 Tip, Nr 19 dowload pdf
2008 Szene Hamburg, Nr.9 dowload pdf
2008 Zitty, Nr. 8 dowload pdf


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